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Irrigation & Drainage

Discussing drainage and irrigation systems is not the most exciting part of landscape project, but it is arguably the most vital. The most common issue that effects plant health is not pests or disease – it’s water. Too little or too much water can destroy healthy plants and lead to countless other issues for your landscape as well as your home’s foundation.

Ruba GardenLandscape is well staffed with irrigation and drainage experts as well as multiple experienced crews. We use only commercial grade materials and our licensed irrigators are certified and able to work for every city, village or municipality. All drainage work is also checked and supervised to ensure proper drainage and flow to the storm sewers and culverts. All catch basins are laid by licensed drain-laying professionals with great care. Moss landscaping employs licensed irrigators and, when necessary, works in conjunction with an engineering consultant.


Water and Irrigation

A well-functioning irrigation system helps keep your front lawn and backyard looking great all year long. However, unlike your other plumbing system which is safely nestled under the home’s foundation and within the walls, the irrigation is often exposed to suffer the external forces. Whether it’s because of high winds or a lawnmower knocking a valve, your irrigation system is susceptible to breaks and leaks. Allow American Leak Detection™ to help! We have over 40 years of industry-leading experience locating and repairing leaks. Our highly-qualified service professionals are always prompt, meticulous, and courteous.


Key Benefit of Service

“ It can take two to ten years for a newly planted landscape to “mature” and reach its intended design, so proper drainage and irrigation at the start will give your garden a much higher likelihood for success.”.

  • Drainage System Construction
  • Culverts
  • Curb Cuts
  • Detention Systems
  • Drainage Inspections
  • Drain Grate Installation

Why Choose Us

Landscape irrigation is a term to describe the artificial application of water to a landscape. To keep your gardens thriving requires the careful management of irrigation practices. The following tips will help..

Studies have indicated that plants utilize root zone water most efficiently during morning hours, so try to irrigate very early in the day.

Much of the water applied during the heat of the day is lost to evaporation – thirty percent or more is lost from overhead irrigation. Watering during evening or nighttime hours may be acceptable, but plants which are susceptible to fungus diseases will suffer from being damp for the extended overnight period.

The general rule is to water as deeply and as infrequently as possible. Watering deeply and infrequently encourages the plant to develop a deep root system, which in turn increases drought hardiness, since the soil dries from the top down. Frequent, light irrigation encourages a shallow root system which will suffer from every dry spell.

Duration of watering time depends on the soil—and the crop. In an “average” loam, one inch of irrigation will penetrate 12 inches. In a sandy soil, penetration will be deeper, and in a clay soil, not as deep.

For established shrubs in the average loam, a thorough, deep irrigation once per week should be adequate during the growing season. Since clay soils hold water longer, care must be taken not to over water, which will exclude necessary oxygen from the soil profile.

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